Most Popular Names Among South Korean 95-Liners

For the summer, the Supreme Court of South Korea has released interesting statistics; namely, the most popular names for boys and girls born in the year 1995. That’s because this year is considered the year that these children are formally recognized as adults. So… Among 95-liners in South Korea, what are the most popular names? … Read more

Popular Korean Baby Names by Decade

The most popular names for baby boys and girls in (South) Korea, in ten-year intervals: 1948년생 남자 : 영수 영호 영식 영철 여자 : 순자 영자 정순 정숙 Year 1948 Boys: Yeongsoo, Yeongho, Yeongshik, Yeongcheol Girls: Soonja, Yeongja, Jeongsoon, Jeongsook 1958년생 남자 : 영수 영철 영호 영식 여자 : 영숙 정희 영희 명숙 Year 1958 … Read more

Top 10 Korean Family Names in South Korea

A list of the the most popular Korean surnames in South Korea. 21. 전 (全; Jeon, Jun). Source: National Statistical Office, Republic of Korea.

Most Popular Baby Names in South Korea

Most Popular Baby Names in South Korea according to birth registrations. For baby boys, the most popular name was Min-jun 민준 and the most common for baby girls was Seo-yeon.