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Most Popular Names Among South Korean 95-Liners

For the summer, the Supreme Court of South Korea has released interesting statistics; namely, the most popular names for boys and girls born in the year 1995. That’s because this year is considered the year that these children are formally recognized as adults.

So… Among 95-liners in South Korea, what are the most popular names?

There are 2,790 males turning adults this year who are named 지훈 (Jihoon), and there are 4,208 females turning adults this year who are named 유진 (Yoojin).

Here are the top 10 names for 95-liners of each gender, with the number of persons having that name in parentheses.


1. 지훈 – Jihoon (2790명)
2. 동현 – Donghyeon (2442명)
3. 현우 – Hyeonwoo (2253명)
4. 준영 – Joonyeong (1828명)
5. 재현 – Jaehyeon (1746명)

6. 성민 – Seongmin (1704명)
7. 성현 – Seonghyeon (1693명)
8. 승현 – Seunghyeon (1685명)
9. 준호 – Joonho (1668명)
10. 민수 – Minsoo (1643명)


1. 유진 – Yoojin (4208명)
2. 민지 – Minji (4199명)
3. 지은 – Jieun (4140명)
4. 지현 – Jihyeon (3748명)
5. 지원 – Jiwon (3370명)

6. 수진 – Sujin (3240명)
7. 지혜 – Jihye (3170명)
8. 은지 – Eunji (3133명)
9. 수빈 – Soobin (3104명)
10.지영 – Jiyeong (3028명)

Popular Korean Baby Names by Decade

The most popular names for baby boys and girls in (South) Korea, in ten-year intervals:

남자 : 영수 영호 영식 영철
여자 : 순자 영자 정순 정숙

Year 1948
Boys: Yeongsoo, Yeongho, Yeongshik, Yeongcheol
Girls: Soonja, Yeongja, Jeongsoon, Jeongsook

남자 : 영수 영철 영호 영식
여자 : 영숙 정희 영희 명숙

Year 1958
Boys: Yeongsu, Yeongchol, Yeongho, Yeongshik
Girls: Yeongsuk, Jeonghui, Yeonghui, Myeongsuk

남자 : 성호 영수 영호 영철
여자 : 미경 미숙 경희 경숙

Year 1968
Boys: Seongho, Yeongsu, Yeongho, Yeongcheol
Girls: Migyeong, Misuk, Gyeonghui, Gyeongsuk

남자 : 정훈 성훈 상훈 성진
여자 : 지영 민정 미영 현정

Year 1978
Boys: Jeonghoon, Seonghoon, Sanghoon, Seongjin
Girls: Jiyeong, Minjeong, Miyeong, Hyeonjeong

남자 : 지훈 성민 현우 정훈
여자 : 지혜 지은 수진 혜진

Year 1988
Boys: Jihoon, Seongmin, Hyeonoo, Jeonghoon
Girls: Jihye, Jieun, Soojin, Hyejin

남자 : 동현 지훈 성민 현우
여자 : 유진 민지 수빈 지원

Year 1998
Boys: Donghyeong, Jihoon, Seongmin, Hyeonwoo
Girls: Yoojin, Minji, Soobin, Jiweon

남자 : 민준 지훈 현우 준서
여자 : 서연 민서 지민 서현

Year 2008
Boys: Minjoon, Jihoon, Hyeonwoo, Junseo
Girls: Seoyeon, Minseo, Jimin, Seohyeon

Top 10 Korean Family Names in South Korea

According to South Korea’s National Statistical Office, these are the most popular Korean surnames in the Republic of Korea.

1. 김 (金; Kim, Gim)
2. 이 (李; Lee, Yi, I, Yee)
3. 박 (朴; Park, Pak, Bak)
4. 최 (崔; Choi, Choe)
5. 정 (鄭; Jeong, Chung)
6. 강 (姜; Kang, Gang)
7. 조 (曹; Cho, Jo, Joe)
8. 윤 (尹; Yoon, Youn, Yun)
9. 장 (張; Jang, Chang)
10. 신 (申; Shin, Sin)

11. 한 (韓; Han, Hahn)
12. 서 (徐; Seo,Suh)
13. 권 (權; Kwon)
14. 손 (孫; Son, Sohn)
15. 황 (黃; Hwang, Whang)
16. 송 (宋; Song,Soung)
17. 안 (安; Ahn, An)
18. 임 (林; Lim, Rim, Im)
19. 유 (柳; Yoo, Yu)
20. 홍 (洪; Hong)

In parentheses are the Chinese hanja characters and the possible English transliterations.

Most Popular Baby Names in South Korea

In the year 2008, there were 2,641 male newborns who were named Minjoon, and 3,270 female newborns who were named Seoyeon.

According to birth-registration statistics released by the Supreme Court of South Korea, the most common baby names in 2008 are as follows:

Most Popular Names for Boys

Min-jun 민준
Ji-hun 지훈
Hyun-woo 현우
Jun-seo 준서
Woo-jin 우진
Gun-woo 건우
Ye-jun 예준
Hyeon-joon 현준

Most Popular Names for Girls

Seo-yeon 서연
Min-suh 민서
Ji-min 지민
Seo-hyeon 서현
Seo-yun 서윤
Ye-eun 예은
Ha-eun 하은
Ji-eun 지은

In the previous generation, the most popular names were Young-soo (영수) for men and Sun-ja (순자) for women.