Suicide Attempt Wilshire-Vermont Red Line Subway Station Tuesday Night

Did someone die at Wilshire Vermont Tuesday night?

Where is Koreatown in LA?

The city council of Los Angeles has set the official boundary for Koreatown LA¬†as Olympic Boulevard from Western Avenue to Vermont Avenue on the south, Vermont Avenue from Olympic Boulevard to Third Street on the east, Third Street from Vermont Avenue to Western Avenue on the north, Western Avenue from Third Street to Olympic Boulevard, … Read more

Best Kimbap in Koreatown LA

Kimbap is steamed white rice and other ingredients rolled in kim (sheets of dried laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. It is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events. The word starts with an unaspirated “k” which is why it’s also spelled gimbap. It had its origins in the Japanese futomaki (makizushi) from the … Read more

Carjacking Pursuit Ends in Koreatown

Police opened fire on an armed carjacking suspect after chasing him through the streets of Hollywood and the Mid-Wilshire area. Contrary to mainstream media reports, the pursuit did not end in Downtown LA but in Koreatown LA at the Shell gas station on the northwest corner of Wilshire and Vermont. The pursuit began on the … Read more