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Suicide Attempt Wilshire-Vermont Red Line Subway Station Tuesday Night

A man approximately 20 years of age was found under the Red Line subway train at Wilshire & Vermont at about 11:00 Tuesday night.

It was apparently a suicide attempt because people reported that he jumped and was not pushed. The man has been taken to the hospital and is now listed in critical condition.

Metro expects the trains to resume regular operations by morning.

Source: Koreatown LA on Facebook

Note: Metro’s SM team referred to the incident as a “trespasser strike.”

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Wilshire/Vermont Station is located on the northeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue in East Koreatown LA. Southwestern University and the Robert F Kennedy Community Schools are located nearby. It is a busy subway station known for receiving wireless signals even underground.

The station is designed with two platform levels: eastbound Purple and Red Line trains (to Union Station) use the upper level, and westbound Purple (to Wilshire/Western) and Red (to North Hollywood) trains use the lower level.

Above the station is the Wilshire Vermont mixed-use transit village development, a $136-million apartment and retail complex designed by the firm Arquitectonica on land owned by the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The development opened in 2007 and includes apartments and retail.

Where is Koreatown in LA?

The city council of Los Angeles has set the official boundary for Koreatown LA as Olympic Boulevard from Western Avenue to Vermont Avenue on the south, Vermont Avenue from Olympic Boulevard to Third Street on the east, Third Street from Vermont Avenue to Western Avenue on the north, Western Avenue from Third Street to Olympic Boulevard, including a business corridor along Western Avenue from Third Street to Rosewood Avenue.

Wilshire Boulevard is the major thoroughfare.

In February 2009, Scarlet Eum of 626 S. Plymouth Boulevard submitted a formal petition to the City of Los Angeles to name/rename the Koreatown community with the following boundaries:

  • Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard to the North
  • Vermont Avenue and Hoover Street to the East
  • Pico Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard to the South
  • Wilton Place and Crenshaw Boulevard to the West

In August 2010, the City Council approved the boundaries of Koreatown as

  • Olympic Boulevard from Western Avenue to Vermont Avenue on the south
  • Vermont Avenue from Olympic Boulevard to Third Street on the east
  • Third Street from Vermont Avenue to Western Avenue on the north
  • Western Avenue from Third Street to Olympic Boulevard on the west
  • including a business corridor along Western Avenue from Third Street to Rosewood Avenue situated inside East Hollywood

The proposed boundaries include both sides of the street.

Useful sites to check out:

VisitKoreatown.org – the area’s tourism authority  @VisitKoreatown

Koreatown LA on Facebook: http://facebook.com/KoreatownLA

Koreatown LA on Twitter: @KoreatownLA

The best spot for tourists to capture the Korean flavor of Koreatown LA (where over 65% of the actual residents are Latino and less than 15% are Korean) is Olympic Boulevard between Western Avenue and Vermont Avenue.

Best Kimbap in Koreatown LA

Kimbap is steamed white rice and other ingredients rolled in kim (sheets of dried laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. It is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events. The word starts with an unaspirated “k” which is why it’s also spelled gimbap. It had its origins in the Japanese futomaki (makizushi) from the Japanese colonial period, 1910-1945.

Many English speakers refer to kimbap as the Korean version of the Japanese sushi roll. But if you’ve eaten kimbap and futomaki more than a few times, you know there’s a noticeable difference in taste and preparation between the two.

The place from which to get your kimbap fix in Koreatown is Gaju Bunshik, which originally had a stall inside Gaju Market on 5th and Western and was also equally if not more famous for its naengmyeon (cold noodles). After Gaju Market closed in 2011 for the construction of a new building complex, Gaju Bunshik opened up as its own restaurant on Wilshire, a block west of Western Avenue, in the same plaza as Village Bakery and Hite Gwangjang.

Kimbap variants are dependent on different fillings. Popular ones are kimchi, perilla leaves (kkaennip), and tuna (chamchi). Most people grab them to go — it’s best to eat within three hours after being rolled. You can see the owner’s daughter and/or her Latino assistants making the rolls almost right in front of where you order. They’re very popular and they often run out of a particular type or so.

A clear plastic container of  their kimbap is six dollars — it’s at least two rolls plus what could be the pieces of a third roll packed on one side. It comes with yellow slices of danmuji.

Address: 3839 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90010
Phone : (213) 380-2174

Gaju Bunshik usually opens at 7:00 am (ready with hardboiled eggs for Korean ajosshis) but isn’t ready with the kimbap or their lunch specials until around 10:00 am. Closing time is 8:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Closed whole day Sunday.

No, this restaurant does not advertise in and English-language publications. They don’t need to. They’re that popular among the locals. Even an institution already, really!

Carjacking Pursuit Ends in Koreatown

Police opened fire on an armed carjacking suspect after chasing him through the streets of Hollywood and the Mid-Wilshire area. Contrary to mainstream media reports, the pursuit did not end in Downtown LA but in Koreatown LA at the Shell gas station on the northwest corner of Wilshire and Vermont.

The pursuit began on the Ventura (101) freeway and the driver exited at Hollywood Boulevard, where he momentarily pulled to a stop in the middle of the street at 7:10 p.m. The driver then continued westbound to the busy intersection of Hollywood and Highland, where he turned south onto Highland Avenue.

The suspect kept driving down Highland to the residential area of Hancock Park and then eastbound on Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown.

Emergency dispatchers reported that the man driving the vehicle was carrying a blue steel handgun.

The suspect eventually pulled into a Shell gas station, alongside a man pumping gas, at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue.

Officers shot several rounds into the suspect’s car, as the civilian lay crouched just feet away. The civilian escaped the situation uninjured.

Dispatchers said the suspect, a 40-year-old man, had suffered several gunshot wounds and have called for an ambulance.

UPDATE: As of 10:00 PM, the LA Times is quoting unnamed sources that the man allegedly stole a car from a woman in San Bernardino shortly before 3:30 p.m. He then drove to North Valley Boulevard and Eastern Avenue in El Sereno, where he dumped the vehicle and stole the Saturn from a 65-year-old man.

The police pursuit ended by 7:39 PM.

Koreatown Robbery: Caught on Video

Caught on tape: a brazen Koreatown smash-and-grab robbery in which nearly one million dollars worth of Rolex watches were taken.

The robbery happened at 10:50 a.m. on May 18th 2011 at the Saint Cross jewelry store in Koreatown Plaza, a mall at 928 S. Western Avenue on the corner with James M. Wood Boulevard,

Two young men in hoodies burst in and one grabbed as many watches as he could from a display case, while the other trained a gun on two store clerks. Later when a security guard was seen outside, the gunman headed to the door and pointed the weapon at him.

The suspects reportedly took more than two dozen Rolexes totaling about $800,000 in value.

Address: 928 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90006